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L.E. Willson Students Participate in "Math Boot Camp"

BCEducators used a military theme and encouraged children to wear camouflage for a "math boot camp" to help L.E. Willson Elementary School students prepare for Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program testing in April.

There was a lot of olive drab and camo clothing, while classrooms were decorated with military themes, including camouflage netting.

Math Coach Brandi VanDyke said third- and fourth-grade students spent half their school day on Friday participating in in geometry-related activities. She said the standardized math tests are heavy on geometry.

BC"Geometry is one of the highest tested areas for third- and fourth-graders," VanDyke said.

She said the activities were created by members of the Alabama Department of Education's Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative, through the University of North Alabama.

She said the L.E. Willson students are some of the first to utilize the AMSTI activities.

About 90 third-graders and 65 fourth-graders participated.

BCVanDyke said students will also be prepped in science and reading prior to the ACAP testing in April.