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Sheffield High School Students Create Mural in Appreciation for Helen Keller Employees

Sheffield High School’s Studio Art classes and select Visual Arts students participated in creating a mural at Hellen Keller Hospital in Sheffield. The mural is four feet tall and six feet wide. Each student that participated helped complete one square foot and they used a free stock image from Adobe Stock. Seven-year Sheffield High School arts teacher Sarah Bailey helped the students by digitally editing the image into a vector formate. She also used multiple designs in the background to create contrast. The school’s art class was able to show appreciation for the healthcare workers’ efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bailey said that the mural was “created to uplift and communicate our thankfulness to our Helen Keller nurses for all that they are doing during these difficult times. “The mural ultimately gave us the opportunity to show our nurses that they were loved. ‘Love’ is an action and when presented with the idea, our students were so excited to help do this for them,” Bailey added. The students’ art allowed them to communicate their appreciation for those tirelessly working in the community. “The opportunity also really helped students and myself see that when or if you are asked to do something and you are fully capable, you should do it with all of your might and with excellence,” Bailey stated. “We were initially asked to create a banner. There was not much time to create this and we could have easily rolled out some banner paper, wrote a message in the middle, had everyone sign it, and be finished in a day. “What we decided to do was much more difficult, but we found that doing what is hard has immense rewards for all involved,” Bailey continued. “I believe that my students were able to see that, and their job and purpose in life is to pursue the thing that makes them happy, chase what is ‘hard’ in that field or area and provide and give it to others. For me, it is art! “I would also like to mention that Marissa Kiddy organized all of this and her enthusiasm and encouragement along with administration during the creation process from start to finish was absolutely priceless,” Bailey concluded.

Art Mural