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Families Draft Mission Statements

Families draft mission statements in after school activity

“We will be honest to each other and do what we say we will do. Care for each other and be creative.” - The Todd Family. This is just one New Year’s resolution drafted by students’ families during Sheffield City School’s 21st Century AfterSchool Program, which hosts approximately 100 elementary and junior high-aged children. Sheffield City Schools Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Shelly Hollis said the afterschool program hosted a “Make and Take” parents event at W.A. Threadgill Primary School, L.E. Willson Elementary School and Sheffield Junior High School during the week of Dec. 9. “The goal of this parent-engagement event was to have families engage in c o n v e r s a t i o n s about what they value,” Hollis said. “They answered three basic questions: How will we treat each other? How will we NOT treat each other? At the end of the year, what do we want to say happened in our family? Then they circled three values from a list of values that are important to their family.” From all of this conversation, they then wrote a family mission statement for 2020 on the back of a gingerbread house they had decorated together. Hollis said a family mission statement is important because it gives a family an "operating system" of how they will handle everyday life and serves as a reminder of what is most important to them. The afterschool program is a federally funded program and institutes various events for parental involvement. Hollis said more parent-involved events are expected to take place in February and then again in the Spring.