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Senior Bulldog Passes roll out this fall.

Pass grants entrance to all regular-season home games.

An old dog may not be interested in learning new tricks, but throw him a bone and you can see his tail wag.

Sheffield Superintendent of Education Dr. Keith Davis has announced that Sheffield City School System is throwing senior Bulldog alumni the bone of a lifetime.

Davis told the Bulldog Bulletin that beginning this fall, new Senior Bulldog Passes will be available to senior Sheffield Bulldog alumni, which will provide them free, life-time entry to any regular-season Sheffield sporting event.

“Sheffield has a strong following and a tremendous reputation and tradition in extracurriculars. We’ve had so many people support Sheffield over the years and this is just one way we can say, ‘Thank you,’” Davis said.

Using graduation data for alumni between 65 and 100 years of age, Sheffield City Schools Accounts Payable Secretary Bridget Tannehill estimated that there are 3,400 people eligible for the pass.

To register for a Bulldog Pass, Davis encouraged interested persons to contact Tannehill at the Sheffield central office by calling (256) 383-0400.

Appointments may be scheduled beginning Thursday, Aug. 15.

Interested persons will simply provide their name, which will be quickly cross-referenced to a list of Sheffield alumni. Those registering for a pass have been asked to bring an ID to verify they are 65 years of age or older.

Passes are good forever and do not require any renewal process. Alumni passholders may present their Bulldog Pass at the gate of any Sheffield home game to admit one individual.

“Once they have it, they can use it from this point on,” Davis said.

The only restriction, Davis noted, is for any playoff games.

“This is a plastic, photo ID pass,” Davis said. “You can keep this in your wallet and take out to use it whenever you would like.”

Davis said he has provided similar opportunities for alumni while serving at his previous school system, where it was well received and had a high rate of participation.

Davis noted he believes these alumni passes will increase attendance at Sheffield sports across the board.

“Having our senior adults cheering for the Bulldogs at the games only serves to add a special atmosphere for all who attend,” Davis said.

The superintendent acknowledged that there may be some who do not attend games due to the costs involved.

“This alleviates that,” Davis said. “It can be sort of expensive when you’re going to all these games.

“This is a way of helping our seniors out. It will be a tremendous savings for someone who attends sports regularly.”

Tannehill said if the pass is used for each Sheffield home game in every sport it would result in savings of around $500.

Volleyball games are the first sporting events to kick off the fall semester, Davis noted, with football season just right behind.

“We do hope to get a good participation with this,” Davis said. “We would love to see our senior fans there at ball games, pulling for the Bulldogs like they have been for so many years.”


Sheffield City School senior alumni are being offered Bulldog Passes, which will allow them free admission into any Sheffield regular-season home game.