• The mentoring Program targets and serves our "at risk" students. These students may be at risk of academic failure, poor relationship with parent and child, poor social skills, delinquency, low self-concept, depression, trouble controlling anger, and lack of attention or support from a stable adult. Or a little extra help with their schoolwork is needed. Students being mentored are called "mentees". Any student in the SCS system and has been identified as being "at risk" can be a mentee. High school students that have well rounded academic achievers can be "mentors". The Mentor go to the child's school one day a week between 30 to 45 minutes.


  • Mentees get better grades, higher self esteems, improved attitudes, and gain a friend. While our high school mentors get to improve self-esteem, develop leadership characteristics, build resumes for college, and become accountable.