Education Foundation Programs

  • Alumni and Friends

    The purpose of the Alumni and Friends Association is to provide a forum by which members can actively participate in school system activities both academically and financially and remain informed regarding current programs and events:

    • Annual Membership $25.00
    • Annual Sustaining Membership $50.00
    • Annual Benefactor Membership $100.00
    • Annual Patron Membership $250.00
    • Life Membership $500.00
    • Life Membership Installment ($100 a year for five years)

    Legacy Giving Program

    You are invited to put the Sheffield Education Foundation in your will or you may wish to give to the Trust to lessen your tax obligation (please consult your attorney or tax advisor). All of the bequeaths willed or given to the Education Foundation will go into a trust fund.

    Memorial and Honorarium Contributions

    A contribution to the Foundation can be placed as a memorial or honorarium of a loved one, teacher, classmate, or special individual. An acknowledgment will be mailed to the individual or family in recognition of your gift.