• Yearbook is an elective course that gives students marketable experience in print media publishing. This course solely works toward the completion and selling of a large finished product, Sheffield High School’s yearbook. Yearbook class is different from every course taught at this school in that it is a real business maintaining an account that must balance-out at the end of the term. In class, students compose, construct, and edit all elements of computerized text layout, graphic art, and digital photography. Students work on many clerical operations, make announcements, maintain signs, conduct student polls, take photos, and write articles. The course, in turn, covers many of the content standards and objectives encountered in English courses, as does it also for objectives of art, business, and computer technology courses. Because Yearbook is a monetary business, students must cooperatively work with others, must be hardworking, and be eager to be creative. Out of class and after school, students will shoot digital photos, sell and design advertising, and distribute yearbook order forms. Students are responsible for the proper care and handling of our digital cameras. This course also examines the legal and ethical issues of media law and copyright.