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Mr. Cagle

Hi, I'm Mr. Cagle. This will be my fourth year to teach 5th grade at LEW. I started in this exact spot October 2017 as a leave teacher. I was hired on as full time staff in January of 2018. I teach reading and science! I have a love for reading, so much so that I have self published two books of my own. A kindle only book called, "ROOTS" and a paperback book titled, "ABC Homophones and Homonyms." I am married to my wonderful wife, Bretta Cagle, and we have two fur babies, Nala, a three year old German Shepherd and a year old Goldendoodle named Jane. Outside of school I play six instruments and create custom wood furniture, like the desks you will see in my room. I’m looking forward to teaching these students in the best school around! Go Dogs!





EXT. 210

  • Welcome to the Class!

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/28/2020 6:05:00 AM

    5th Grade students and parents of 2020-2021. Introduce yourself to me on Flip Grid. When you look below it will only allow you to sign in with a email.


    👋 Say Hello
    🤩 Share a fun fact about yourself.



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  • Introduce Your Favorite Book

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/28/2020 6:00:00 AM

    Adobe Spark  is a great tool to use, with many implementations. As an introduction to my reading course I would love for you to follow the instructions in this video.



    I want you to use the presentation tool to create a sequence of event of your favorite book. Use the photos they have available in the site, and make it creative, but true to the story. 

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  • The QR Quest

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    At the beginning of the school year we start to take on a novel, "The City of Ember". This novel takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The characters in the story are experiencing something in their city that we in the US have also experienced. Use this QR Quest to do some research on what our characters and Americans have shared in common. 

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  • Newsletter

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    Each Week 5th Grade sends home a newletter. Here is an example of what it looks like each week. We send it out in a paper verions as well as this S'mores Version. 

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  • Becoming a part of the Digital Landscape

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    As a person who is not great at social media, I understand that it is apart of our world in an evermore expanding way. But, we need to take caution with everything posted online. Here is a video describing ways to determine if you have facts or fiction. 

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  • Symbaloo Pages

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    I have created some ever expanding recorces pages for us to use in class. I have a reading, 

    laguage arts, 

    and sceince.  

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  • The use of drones in the classroom.

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    So far in my career we have only used drones as a way to do some math in the afterschool setting.  See Here. We took the drone up after doing the pre-flight procedures and checklists. My afterschool students got into groups and created shapes that I could take an aerial photo of their shape. The students then went to find the perimeter of the shape they created by connecting them with straight lines and calculated the perimeter.  But, drones can be used far more in the classroom. This coming year I am Planning on using it in a couple of ways. The world we live in is full of beauty, and a lot of the beauty can only bee seen from the air. Being able to send the drone off the bluff we can use the scenery to use for writing exercises. I plan on using the drone for some of our science experiments as well in this upcoming year. 

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  • An Interesting Way to Teach.

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/27/2020

    After doing some reading about the "flipped classroom" I believe I have found some some useful tools to implement in this upcoming year. In the flipped classroom the students take time prior to class to get introduced to the topic at hand. As an example of one of the tools I found ill show you how we can use it when reading a novel. I found a tool called Blend Space. Blend Space allows students to take time and follow the tiles from left to right following the instructions, or listen to the videos resented. In the blend space shared HERE students would learn about foreshadowing, and listen to chapter 1 of one of the novels we read as a 5th grade class. This gives us more class time for my favorite part about a novel, the discussions. 

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  • Classroom Technology

    Posted by Eric Cagle on 5/11/2020
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