Interest in Health Careers Growing in Sheffield

Dr. Candice Johnson

Local dentist Candice Johnson spoke to Sheffield students during the recent HOSA (Health Occupation Student Organization) meeting. Johnson shared that she was the first in her family to pursue a medical career. "Often you think you have to know someone, have a lot of money, or have a family member that can help you pursue a medical career, but that's not the case. It's more about hard work and making a plan." Johnson shared her personal story of how she ended up in her dental partnership in Florence, Alabama. Originally from Montgomery, she shared the personal triumphs and tragedies that lead her here. "I see God's hand all throughout my life leading me to where I am now. There are a lot of opportunities for you if you are willing to work hard." Health Science Teacher and HOSA sponsor Elaine Price told the students, "Candice and I have similar backgrounds in that neither of us came from affluent homes. I worked to make every penny of my college money. You can achieve your dreams also." 

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