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Need to report bullying at SJHS? Click on "Parents and Students" and choose "Bullying and Harassment Reporting."


Interested in learning more about our daily P.A.W.S. period?


- Click on the link below to access the School Supply List for 2017-2018!

Seventh\Eighth Grade Student Supply List



Please click on the link below and answer the survey questions as we gather information about the possibility of providing some bus transportation for the students in Sheffield City Schools.

- We want to hear from YOU!

If you have any great ideas that would help improve our school, we would like to hear them. Please feel free to click on the link below and share your ideas. This is a vital piece of our school's Continuous Improvement Plan. (CIP)


- Parent Survey for SJHS 

Parents, please complete this survey to assist in completion of the school's annual Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).


- Student Survey for SJHS 

Students, please complete this survey to help our school complete our improvement plan.


- Faculty Survey for SJHS

Teachers, please complete this survey to assist in completing the school's improvement plan.


- Staff Survey for SJHS

   Staff members, please complete this survey to help our school complete our school

   continuous improvement plan (CIP).


- Click here for the Stop Bullying: Speak Up video shared with SJHS students during advisory time Thursday 9/1/16. Please take time to watch the video and talk with your child about bullying and the importance of reporting bullying to school staff. Also, please remember, bullying defined is not a single incident. It happens over time and involves an imbalance of power. Conflict in the junior high setting is normal, but anytime it is reoccurring and one of the students involved is being hurt, it should be reported.


- Click here to watch a video about school absences; they add up!


- Inclement Weather Information:

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Welcome to Sheffield Junior High School

Welcome to Sheffield Junior High School…. “The pathway to making dreams happen”! I am truly honored that you have taken the time to visit our website.  At Sheffield Junior High School, we are committed to providing a challenging and rigorous curriculum, delivered by a highly-competent and energetic faculty and staff. We also strive to provide meaningful, intentional enrichment experiences that will mold good character and promote academic advancement.

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Eric Kirkman